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Augusto "MamboGeezer" Quinones: Lecturer
Augusto Quinones, also known as "Gus" & "DJ MamboGeezer", is a career College Administrator and Adjunct Lecturer who has had a life long love of Latin music in general and Salsa music and dance in particular. Gus' passion for Salsa and his intellectual curiosity led him to delve into the arguments over whether Salsa was Puerto Rican or Cuban. This argument has been going on within the Salsa community for decades. Gus' curiosity and his love of history led him to research the issue and, ultimately, develop a series of multi-media lectures on the history and development of Salsa music and the Puerto Rican influence on it.
Lectures are available in varying lengths (2hrs., 1 1/4hr. & 3/4 hr.) depending on your needs.
The lectures are dynamic, incorporating audio, video and still images.
These lectures are especially popular with colleges, community organizations and corporate events centered around Hispanic Heritage Month, Multicultural Heritage Month, Black History Month or any music event.
contact information:
Augusto "Gus" Quinones
(917) 626-2406
Get everyone on the dance floor with
DJ MamboGeezer!
Whether on his Internet radio show, "The MamboGeezer Show", or live, DJ MamboGeezer generates energy and excitement everywhere he performs.
The 'Geez is equally comfortable and adept at serving you all forms of Latin (old & new school salsa, mambo, merengue, cha cha cha, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, house), as well as r&b/soul, funk, hiphop, rock, or even 1950's pop. DJ MamboGeezer does it all!
DJ MamboGeezer specializes in weddings, large corporate and social events, anniversaries, dance socials, etc. He will work with you well before your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right music to make your celebration a huge success.
Need a Salsa band?
Let DJ MamboGeezer help you book one.
Need a Salsa dance troupe for a performance or to give lessons?
DJ MamboGeezer can help you there too with some of the best, world renown performers, that New York has to offer.
DJ MamboGeezer serves the Metro New York, New Jersey, Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester Counties but will travel to other locations. The 'Geez is also bilingual (English & Spanish) so you can enjoy yourself in two languages.
Please complete the form in the "Contact us" page and provide us a description of your needs. We will respond quickly about availability and a price  quote.
DJ MamboGeezer on Internet Radio:
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